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January Wrapped – What I Read, Watched, and Played

In typical Juri fashion, this January wrap-up is also…late. (I’m already failing one of my 2021 bookish resolutions, what’s new with you?) The first month of 2021 finally came to a close and contrary to my expectations, January went…sort of well. It’s also the first time I’m writing a wrap-up post since I was determined […]

All Things Dark and Glorious: Unspeakable – A Queer Gothic Anthology Book Review + Outfit Inspiration (#UnspeakableTour)

Despite the utter chicken that I am, I absolutely love to read about stories about ghosts, unknown creatures, and monsters that lurk in the dark–that is, as long as it’s daylight. But either way, there is something so fascinating about delving into narratives of the paranormal and the unknown. That’s why when Caffeine Book Tours […]

A3!!! Actors Book Tag (Original)

If it isn’t obvious enough, I have been raving about A3!!! for quite some time now, and it has inspired a book rec post based on Mankai troupes (see here) a while back. Naturally, when it came to the concept of an original book tag, of course I just had to create one inspired by […]

Dali, Mangaswang Ta: Aswang Lore and Urban Legends of Panay (#AswangInPortlandTour)

Of all the creatures in Philippine lower mythology, the aswang is one that takes the center stage. This creature, with its hunger for human flesh and blood has been the monster that Filipino parents use in stories to scare children—mine included—as a warning to never stay outdoors after dark. In Jason Tanamor’s book, “Vampires of […]

My Comfort Manga Reads

Hello friends and welcome to today’s post on Tomes and Thoughts! Today, it’s my pleasure to roll out a new segment/corner on this blog and it’s called… drum roll please… { Osusume Corner! }

My Wikathon TBR!

Happy August, friends! In the Philippines, this month also marks the beginning of Buwan ng Wika (Month of Languages). To celebrate, some friends from the Filipino book community (Kate of @yourtitakate, Gerald of @geraldthebookworm, Kat from @herbookishside, Alex of @alexontheblock, and Julienne from @lovejulienne_) came together and organized Wikathon, a month-long readathon dedicated to reading […]

Decrepit Houses, Creepy Families, and A Slowburn Descent Into Chaos and Horror – Mexican Gothic Review (ARC)

The type of horror that never fails to scare me out of my wits aren’t the ones with the high-end productions with numerous jumpscares, nor the splatter-fest that comes after violence and gore. It’s the slow, creeping kind that gives me nightmares for days. The uncertainty of is-something-there-or-is-it-the-wind, the quiet chills that indicate that something […]

The Show Must Go On! Book Recs Based on Mankai Company’s Troupes

For the better half of the past year, I picked up the mobile game, A3!! (Act! Addict! Actors!) and to be frank, my life has not been the same ever since. If you have been following my (now deactivated) Twitter account, @juuri_desu, you would have been subjected to my tweets relating to the emotional turmoil […]

Breaking the Hiatus

Guess who’s back! That’s right, it’s me! Going off-radar on this blog felt like years and I’ve slacked off on some very important stuff. Anyway, just to clear up some things during my very off-schedule hiatus since last year, I’m writing this post! Last year was a roller coaster of emotions that picking a book […]

Warrior Queens, Scheming Court Plots, and Battles To Be Won : The Wolf of Oren-Yaro Philippine Blog Tour + Book Review

What’s better than reading a high-stakes epic fantasy with well-balanced characters, a chock-full of political scheming and ferocious warrior queens? A PHILIPPINE-INSPIRED high-stakes epic fantasy with well-balanced characters, a chock-full of political scheming and A ferocious FILIPINA warrior queen! This is what makes up The Wolf of Oren-Yaro and as one of the last books […]


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