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Tomes and Thoughts is a blog run by Juri, a bi magical gremlin-in-training with a penchant for losing their glasses in the most random of places. If they are not crying over their latest bookish fixation, you can find them binge-watching Japanese dramas, chasing down plot bunnies for personal writing projects, or honestly, just finding their glasses. Their other interests include and are not limited to: Japanese anime and manga, joseimuke games, photography, and dessert/bakery hopping.

These days, they are surviving adulthood with their own brand of magic and mayhem but still secretly wishes to escape where the mountains meet the sea and live out the rest of their life as a Ghibli protagonist.

Words to Live By

Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself. You don’t just live in this world, or your home, or your skin. You also live in someone’s eyes.

Sanober Khan

L’effort est ma force.

Cheongdamdong Alice

She is never a hothouse flower. She is a sturdy oak tree. If her leaves have fallen, then she will bloom again come spring.

S. Jae-Jones, Wintersong

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