Sweet and Spicy Romance Mangas and Webtoons to Read this Valentines

We all need some lovin’ this month of hearts, but if you’re like me who has been romance-deprived and without company for the past few years or so, I’ve come to serve! Here are some spicy, sizzling romance manga and webtoons to read and turn up the heat this season of love.  A word of […]

The Making of Iron Widow: Author Chat with Xiran Jay Zhao

Mecha is a main staple in the anime and manga sphere and it pleases me to no end that it’s also beginning to make its way into YA trad-pubbed books, too. One such book that’s currently making waves for this particular genre is Iron Widow. As early as last year, Iron Widow already made waves […]

In Defense of Audiobooks

Getting your reading fix has gone a long way from simply enjoying a physical copy of books in hardback or paperback, to the more compact digital readers, and now, to the production of audiobooks. While there is an endless debate on whether reading outside of physical books can be considered actual reading—because honestly, why do […]

January Wrapped – What I Read, Watched, and Played

In typical Juri fashion, this January wrap-up is also…late. (I’m already failing one of my 2021 bookish resolutions, what’s new with you?) The first month of 2021 finally came to a close and contrary to my expectations, January went…sort of well. It’s also the first time I’m writing a wrap-up post since I was determined […]

All Things Dark and Glorious: Unspeakable – A Queer Gothic Anthology Book Review + Outfit Inspiration (#UnspeakableTour)

Despite the utter chicken that I am, I absolutely love to read about stories about ghosts, unknown creatures, and monsters that lurk in the dark–that is, as long as it’s daylight. But either way, there is something so fascinating about delving into narratives of the paranormal and the unknown. That’s why when Caffeine Book Tours […]

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